Global Crates, Ore Generator Upgrades and MORE!

What's up everyone,

Today we are happy to present you with the ChaseCraft: Minecraft Server's first update! We've added some pretty cool stuff as well as smashed plenty of bugs that have shown up since release, and talking about release, it's been going very well, soon we'll be having Unspeakable come on and make some videos and play with the community! So be sure to join so you don't miss him.

Let's get onto the more interesting stuff regarding this update, though, if you don't really want to read all of that information below, I'll quickly sum up what we've added. This update includes global crate keys, purchasable @, upgradable ore generators (5 different tiers to upgrade to!) and tons of bug fixes and small feature additions.

Keep on reading to find out more information about these new additions.


​Global Crates are a new type of crate that you can purchase off of the store. Upon purchasing the crate, every online player on the server will be given a key of the purchased crate. We have added two global crates, the Global Mystery Crate and the Global Utilities Crate.

Global Mystery Crate
Global Utilities Crate

Above are pictures of the Global Mystery Crate and the Global Utilities Crate. The Global Mystery Crate offers a wide range of rewards such as money, McMMO credits, mob coins and more while the Global Utilities Crate offers more tools, weapons and armor rewards including Trench Pickaxes, Sell Wands and Harvester Hoes.

If you want to get a look at what all of the rewards are for each crate, simply type /warp crates and LEFT-CLICK one of the crates.

As mentioned above, you can purchase a Global Crate Key on the store (


You've asked, we've added! Upgradable Ore Generators are now here! We've added 5 new ore generators that you can upgrade to via in game money.

The maximum ore generator upgrade

So what are the new ore generators? We've given all the information regarding each ore generator, including the chance of an ore spawning.

Regular Ore Generator

  • 75% Stone
  • 10% Coal Ore
  • 5% Iron Ore

Pro Ore Generator

  • 70% Stone
  • 10% Coal Ore
  • 10% Iron Ore
  • 10% Gold Ore

Plus Ore Generator

  • 50% Stone
  • 10% Coal Ore
  • 20% Iron Ore
  • 20% Gold Ore

Ultimate Ore Generator

  • 45% Stone
  • 10% Coal Ore
  • 20% Iron Ore
  • 20% Gold Ore
  • 5% Diamond Ore

Supreme Ore Generator

  • 30% Stone
  • 10% Coal Ore
  • 20% Iron Ore
  • 30% Gold Ore
  • 10% Diamond Ore

Omega Ore Generator

  • 10% Stone
  • 10% Coal Ore
  • 20% Iron Ore
  • 30% Gold Ore
  • 20% Diamond Ore
  • 20% Emerald Ore

To get to the oregens upgrade menu, just simply type /oregens or /is oregens.


We've fixed a few bugs and added a few smaller features since release.

Bug Fixes

  • HUBS Fixed the Skyblock Mummy slot in the server selector not displaying the correct playercount.
  • HUBS Fixed the "work in progress" message not showing when right-clicking server NPCs labelled coming soon.
  • HUBS Servers inside the server selector now say they support up to version 1.14 instead of up to 1.13.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed /<shop> not working - e.g /spawners opening the spawners shop.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed the name of the "Remove 10" button in the shop.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed spawners not dropping when breaking them with silk touch pickaxes.
  • WEBSTORE Fixed up the Tags descriptions for the Skyblock Mummy server.


  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Upped the chances of receiving Mob Coins from killing mobs.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Increased the Island Member limit from 6 to 8 members.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Added Chat Reaction & /coinflip.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Added iron ingots to the Mob Drops shop.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Added torches to the /shop.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Changed the buy price of wither skulls in the /shop.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Changed the block value of redstone blocks.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Changed the buy & sell price of ores in the /shop.

We've also received a lot of questions regarding voting. At this moment, voting is currently unavailable and will be unavailable for a little while. We'll keep you updated regarding voting.

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That's it for our first update! We hope you enjoy it,
- ChaseCraft Server Team