Voting and Levels + Bug Fixes

What's up everyone,

Today we present you with our second update! This update is relatively small, including the much wanted voting and a levelling system that can further your grinding experience and of course, many bug fixes and many minor changes! I'd also like to welcome all of the new members of the community, last week we had Unspeakable record a video on ChaseCraft which introduced a lot of members!

Check out update two by logging onto the server @! We have tons of upcoming updates in the plans, especially some pretty big ones!

Continue reading to find out more regarding this update.


It's finally here, woohoo! The much requested voting is now available on Skyblock Mummy and Creative and you can vote on up to 3 voting sites every 24 hours. Once you've voted, you'll receive some pretty cool rewards that can improve your Skyblock island or help you build on Creative!

Not only do you get those cool rewards from voting, it'll also count towards the vote party. A vote party will give everyone on the server a vote party crate, but it will only be activated when the server reaches 200 votes. Which means around 66 people need to vote 3 times.

Voting directly helps ChaseCraft, every vote will increase the chance of ChaseCraft being seen by other players on vote sites which in return will grow our community. Meaning that you can meet new friends!

Be sure to vote for ChaseCraft today using /vote!


Level up and receive some pretty cool perks such as an exclusive tag, a /trail, more set home's, exlusive kits and a celebratory cake!!11!!!1 wow!

There's a total of 10 levels you can level up to. Each level will give you some better and cooler perks to unlock. To unlock a level, you require to reach a certain level. For example, level 1 requires you to have island level 500. Level 2 requires you to have island level 2,500.

Better get to grinding island levels! If you aren't sure how to get island levels, place iron, gold, diamond or emerald blocks on your island and then type /is level. Everytime you want to check your island level, make sure to type /is level.


As always, we've fixed a bunch of bugs and added a few things. Here's what we've fixed/added since the last update:

Bug Fixes

  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed a typo in the mob coins menu.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed an issue with locked islands not allowing you to be teleported if you fall into the void.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed entity clear message not showing up when entities were cleared.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed Vote Party crate.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed spawners getting set to 1 after the entity clear.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed Villagers getting removed from the entity clear.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed not getting the Harvester Hoe when buying it from /mobcoins.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed Sell Wands not working.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Fixed being able to use island commands whilst in PvP.
  • CREATIVE Fixed the join MOTD saying recommended version saying "1.8" instead of "1.12.2".
  • CREATIVE Fixed Alpha rank chat format not being right.
  • HUB-5 Fixed Hub-5 being super annoying.
  • HUBS Fixed Alpha rank chat format not being right.
  • GLOBAL Fixed /discord command not working.
  • DISCORD Fixed Music bot not working (added new music bot).


  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Completely redesigned the /shop
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Upped the price of most items in the /mobcoins shop.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Removed 3 letter words from chat reaction.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Upped the reward of the chat reaction.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Added /warp parkour.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Disabled ender pearls in PvP.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Disabled Iron Golems dropping poppies.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Added 2 new tags, /condense command and /feed command to the /mobcoins shop.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Changed the ore block sell prices to match their ingot/mineral sell prices.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Sell wands will now only sell contents that are in the Minerals, Mob Drops or Food & Farming shops.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Added some missing permissions for travelling to plots.
  • SKYBLOCK MUMMY Added an NPC for Ore Generator Upgrades and Levels to /spawn.
  • CREATIVE Added permission to visiting plots.
  • GLOBAL Limited wither spawn commands to 30 blocks.
  • GLOBAL Added an MOTD message when joining any server.

That's it for this update! We also have some pretty cool updates in the plans and works, including some new servers. We can't wait to share these with you.

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