New Duels Map + Mode & Quests Update

Surprise update! We've added 3 new duels maps, new duels kits, a new duels mode and a duels map selector, as well as that, we've also added a bunch of new quests, some of which include the new quests category: Nightmare Quests and of course, we've also fixed a bunch of bugs and changed up a few small things here and there.

These updates are now available on the Skyblock Yeti & Skyblock Green servers! Connect to to try them out.

For a full list of changes, read below.


We've added 3 new maps to duels, however, these maps are a little different than the current maps. You'll now be able to play on larger maps, these will provide longer fights.


​When dueling someone, you can now select a map that you'd like to duel on. Simply click on the piece of paper in the duels GUI. The map selector is available to all ranks!



Introducing... Sumo Duels! To enter a Sumo duel, select the "Sumo Kit" and a "Sumo" arena. The Sumo arenas can be found at the bottom of the map selector.

When dueling against someone in sumo, you must punch the other player off a platform into the water below. Whoever can stay on the platform, wins!


Quests have received an update! We've added a new quests category: Nightmare Quests and added a few more quests here and there. We have also fixed many of the broken quests.

Nightmare Quests require you to solve a riddle and have the necessary item in your hand to complete them. These quests can be quite difficult, so good luck!


These are all of the bug fixes and changes that were done since the 9th of July, our last update. (not in order)

Bug Fixes

  • YETI Fixed crates having the incorrect kits in them.
  • GREEN Fixed players being able to hit other players while not in the pvp arena.
  • GREEN Fixed the welcome message saying "Yeti" instead of "Green".
  • GREEN Fixed donator rank prefixes not showing up in tablist.
  • GREEN Island level tags have been updated to meet the requirements on the /levels menu.
  • GREEN Fixed some of the level items not showing up in the /levels menu.
  • MUMMY Fixed missing levels kits.
  • MUMMY Fixed levels not getting the specified amount of /sethomes.
  • MUMMY Fixed typos in /shop & /mobcoins.
  • MUMMY Fixed level VII not having access to the spell trail.
  • MUMMY Fixed tablist not showing the correct amount of online players.
  • MUMMY Fixed being able to fly around the PvP arena.
  • SKYBLOCK To prevent glitches, people with flight permissions will have it enabled on join.
  • CREATIVE Fixed missing permissions.
  • CREATIVE Fixed players constantly getting lagged back.
  • CREATIVE Disabled splash potions, eye of enders and book & quills.
  • CREATIVE Added a cool /glow command, available to all ranks.
  • CREATIVE Fixed tablist not showing the correct amount of online players.
  • HUBS Fixed the server selector, hub selector, tablist and scoreboard not showing the correct amount of players online on each server.
  • HUBS Fixed some of the Hubs saying the wrong Hub number in tablist & scoreboard.
  • HUB-2 Fixed Hub-2 thinking it's Hub-3 in the server selector. Silly Hub-2.
  • GLOBAL You can now use /stats or /stats <username> to view your own or another players stats.
  • DISCORD Fixed people not being sent to the AFK channel if they were AFK.


  • GREEN Added /warp parkour.
  • MUMMY Disabled a bunch of commands in Duels & the PvP arena.
  • MUMMY The balance top NPC now shows the /baltop leaderboard instead of the GUI leaderboard.
  • HUBS Each server NPC now has a themed "area" to go with its respective server.
  • HUBS New server selector: Removed hub selector item & menu and put it in the server selector, put each Skyblock server in its own selector (accessible from the server selector).
  • HUBS A Knight has appeared in front of the large castle. :thonking:
  • HUBS Updated the server selector to include Skyblock Yeti.
  • HUBS Updated the scoreboard to show Yeti's online players and add Prison.
  • GLOBAL Temporarily removed the /staff command.
  • STORE Decreased Skyblock Yeti & Mummy rank prices.
  • FORUMS Added the new swear word abbreviations rule to the rules thread, see Rule #6.4.

That's it for this update! Thank you to everyone who is supporting the server and making it possible for us to provide the community with content updates and new servers! If you'd like to directly help the development of the Chasecraft Minecraft server, head to

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