Prison Prestiges & Gangs + Halloween Shop

The other week we released Prison which everyone seems to be enjoying quite a lot! We followed the Prison release by rolling out our extra spooky Halloween spawns to all of the servers and we have some Halloween events coming up soon. Today we're excited to release our first major Prison update as well as release the Halloween Shop to all servers.

We've been slowly rolling out this Prison update over the past week and getting players to test them. They are now mostly bug free and we are ready to officially announce the updates.

Continue reading to find out all the information regarding this update!


It's time to grind even harder! Prestiges are now available to players who have reached rank Z. Upon prestiging it will reset your rank to A and give you access to a special prestige kit.

​To prestige, simply type /prestige and click on the diamond block. Once you've prestiged, you will be able to access your prestige's kit in the /kit menu! Keep in mind that in order to access the prestige menu, you must be rank Z.

There are 5 prestiges and they are pretty expensive! It's time to start grinding!!


Invite your friends to your very own gang! Gangs are great ways to have large pvp battles. If you are in a gang, you won't be able to pvp the other people in your gang however you will be able to pvp people who are outside your gang. You can also level up your gang to receive cool rewards such as money and crate keys as well as unlocking more member slots.

Each gang will start at level 0 which allows a maximum of 5 members. You can level your gang all the way up to level 10 which allows a maximum of 15 members. To create your gang, simply type /gang create and to invite members, type /gang invite. If you want to see all of the commands your gang has access to, type /commands and click on the mini gold block.

In the future, you will be able to 1v1 other gangs, meaning that you could have large 15v15 fights against other gangs!


Boo! The Halloween Shop is now open! Directly in front of spawn on our Skyblock & Prison servers you will find the Halloween Shop which sells all sorts of scary Halloween related items.

Throughout October, the shop will begin selling even more scary items! Make sure to visit the shop every day to see if it's got something new to sell.

​We also have some better Halloween related things that you can purchase on the store! Head to to find out more.

You better hurry though, this shop will only be available until the 31st of October!


These are all of the bug fixes and changes that were done since the 8th of September, our last update. (not in order)


  • YETI Fixed the /warp tutorial location.
  • GREEN Fixed some formatting in the Mobcoins menu.
  • GREEN Fixed a typo in the Vote Party crate.
  • MUMMY Fixed donators not having access to their donator kits.
  • SKYBLOCK Disabled flight in the spawn world in order to prevent players from flying in pvp.
  • SKYBLOCK Fixed some incorrect information in /shop.
  • SKYBLOCK Fixed a small typo in the updates menu.
  • SKYBLOCK Fixed a few small typos in the crate rewards menus.
  • SKYBLOCK Fixed boots being named leggings in donator kits.
  • SKYBLOCK Fixed donators not being able to mine spawners.
  • PRISON Fixed some of the Space Boxes pickaxes being named incorrectly.
  • PRISON Fixed tokens being given every 500 blocks instead of what it's supposed to be, 100.
  • PRISON Fixed donators not being able to access the donator mine section in the /warps menu.
  • PRISON Fixed L mine not resetting.
  • PRISON Fixed kit Amethyst item names being named "Sapphire".
  • PRISON Fixed being able to fly in PvP.
  • PRISON Fixed tablist ranks A - Z not being displayed in order.
  • PRISON Fixed people not having access to /plot auto.
  • PRISON Fixed boots being named leggings in donator kits.
  • PRISON Fixed J rank not being able to sell blocks.
  • PRISON Fixed players not being able to access enderchests at mines.
  • PRISON Fixed a typo in the kit item names.
  • PRISON Fixed gangs not being able to add more members when over level 1.
  • HUB Fixed some messages that appeared when you are muted.
  • HUB Fixed the Creative server in the server selector showing the wrong description.


  • PRISON Balanced out sellall prices.
  • PRISON Increased the chance of finding Space Boxes by a little bit.
  • PRISON All mines now reset every 5 minutes.
  • PRISON Due to various gamebreaking issues, we have temporarily disabled backpacks.
  • PRISON Due to various issues, we have removed autosell from /enchants.
  • PRISON Removed backpacks from rank descriptions.
  • PRISON Added a PvP shop to /shop.
  • PRISON Added [item] to Sapphire rank and above.

That's it for this update! We hope you guys have been enjoying Prison so far and that everyone enjoys this new update!

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