Minions, Pets and Daily & Weekly Rewards

Minions are here! One of the most requested features have now been released, and anyone can get them! Minions, along with the newly added Pets are now available to purchase on the mob coins shop. Not too long ago we also released rewards that include daily, weekly & donator rewards, it's time to officially announce them!

Continue reading to find out more about this update.


Minions will help you with the annoying, time consuming tasks that you don't want to do. You'll be able to purchase a minion that'll mine at your cobblestone generator, a minion that chops down all trees in a certain radius and other types of minions. Be careful though, Minions have health bar, and if these bars deplete they won't be able to do their job... Make sure you're staying on top of your Minions health bar.

There are 4 Minions for you to purchase from the mob coins shop. The Miner minion, which will mine any blocks directly in front of it. The Lumberjack Minion, which will chop down all trees in a certain radius of it. The Farmer Minion, which will farm and replant crops in a certain radius of it and the Slayer Minion, which will kill all mobs in a certain radius of it. To purchase your own Minion, simply type /mobcoins.

Miner Minion Showcase

You can also link your Minion to a chest, where it will store all resources that it gathered. This, along with other functions can be done in the Minion control panel, accessed by right-clicking your Minion.


Pets are animals/mobs that can be spawned next to you for a certain amount of time. Each pet has special abilities that are active while it's spawned. Below are a list of all pets and their abilities.

Mob Coins Pets Shop

Rabbit Pet

  • Ability: Jump Boost 2 & Speed 2
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Blaze Pet

  • Ability: Flight for 10 Minutes
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Cooldown: 20 Minutes

Bat Pet

  • Ability: Nightvision
  • Duration: 6 Minutes
  • Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Guardian Pet

  • Ability: Players who hit you will take damage
  • Duration: 5 Minutes
  • Cooldown: 10 Minutes

Enderman Pet

  • Ability: Anyone who looks at you or your pet takes half a heart of damage
  • Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Cooldown: 10 Minutes

Wolf Pet

  • Ability: 2x Mob Coins
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Cooldown: 40 Minutes

Just like the Minions, these can be purchased from the /mobcoins shop.


Many of you have probably seen the new rewards on Skyblock & Prison. We quietly rolled this part of the update out a few weeks ago to beta test it and now it's time to announce it!

Daily rewards can be claimed by visiting the Rewards NPC right in front of the Skyblock & Prison spawn points. You can visit this every day to claim your daily rewards, and if you're a donator, you can also claim the donator rewards! We've also included weekly rewards, that are, of course, available to claim every week.


These are all of the bug fixes and changes that were done since the 11th of October, our last update. (not in order)


  • YETI Fixed being able to teleport others into pvp.
  • GREEN Fixed Iron Golems not stacking and not being killed all at once from fire/lava whilst in a stack.
  • GREEN Fixed players being able to jump into an unreachable area in pvp.
  • MUMMY Fixed donators not having access to their donator kits.
  • PRISON Fixed players being able to teleport to donator mines.
  • PRISON Fixed some of the lag issues with mines resetting.
  • PRISON Fixed envoys constantly happening.
  • PRISON Fixed {gang} & {level} showing up in gang levelup messages.
  • PRISON Fixed Diamond rank prefix not showing up in chat.
  • PRISON Fixed players not being able to use splash potions.
  • PRISON Removed the random bedrock at mine R.
  • PRISON Fixed players being able to glitch out of pvp.
  • PRISON Fixed players being able to mine out of pvp.
  • PRISON Fixed players not being able to upgrade fortune and silktouch together.
  • PRISON Fixed being able to shoot people from the top of pvp.
  • CREATIVE Fixed players not being able to use /plot clear.
  • CREATIVE Fixed players being unable to connect to creative.
  • CREATIVE Fixed the BUILDER prefix color not being matched to the color of tablist prefix.
  • GLOBAL Fixed some players getting the wrong tag from the Christmas shop.
  • GLOBAL Fixed players not receiving the diamond shovel from the Christmas shop.


  • GREEN Did some optimisations.
  • PRISON Added swear filter.
  • PRISON Raised the auction house sell limit to 1 billion.
  • PRISON Added glowstone and gunpowder to /shop.
  • PRISON Increased the chat reaction reward to $10,000.
  • PRISON Added enderchests in front of the pvp drop down area.
  • CREATIVE Added chairs! In other words, right-click a stair to sit on it!
  • CREATIVE Added swear filter.
  • CREATIVE Usernames in tablist now match the colour of your tablist prefix. (same as the Skyblock & Prison servers now)
  • HUB Usernames in tablist now match the colour of your tablist prefix. (same as the Skyblock, Prison & Creative servers now)
  • GLOBAL Added back /staff
  • GLOBAL You can now see how many presents you've found on the server you're on by typing /presents. This command also works on other players!

That's it for this update! We hope you enjoy this update, stay tuned for another announcement within the coming days!

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- Chasecraft Server Team